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Sandals Details

We use the best quality of vegetable-tanned cowhide (Vacchetta) made in Greece.

Most of our styles are made with the traditional way. They consist of three soles and a heel. The first two soles are glued and stitched and the third one (rubber) is glued to the other two.

The straps that are not adjustable are glued and some may be nailed as well.

Some designs have a single strap that passes through the soles and adjusts to wide or narrow feet.

Video: Adjustable Styles: How to regulate the strap.

There are styles with two soles glued without stitching.

Our styles without stitching are now made with even thicker rubber sole in order to achieve the same height as with the sandals with three soles and stitching. They are even more comfortable and of greater durability.

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