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Please check our Sandals Size Guide.

Our styles without stitching are now made with even thicker rubber sole to achieve the same height as with the sandals with three soles and stitching. They are comfortable and of great durability.

You can choose the natural-coloured leather or mix and match our basic colours.

Strap Colour:
The colour of the straps (basics: natural, white, black)
Sole Colour: The colour of the leather sole can be natural or black.

Most of the styles can also be made in several colours:

Bronze, gold, silver, red, burgundy, blue ocean, grey, salmon and special print leather. If a style does not show the option of one of the above colours please ask us if it can be made.

Natural colour changes with time and becomes very dark brown.  Natural leather may have some marks or difference in the shade of colour. This is not a flaw or poor workmanship.

Actual colours may vary slightly from the pictures on your screen.

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